Case Studies


A Family’s Last Hope: A case study of a 22 year old female

August, 2017

When depression emerges there is evidence based on imaging studies (PET and fMRI) that the salience network is disrupted. Symptom emergence occurs when the combination of genetic vulnerability and bio psycho-social stressors overcomes the normal functioning of the salience network. The goal of treatment of major depression is to reverse the symptoms (hopelessness, anxiety, and others per DSM5)… Read More >>


Deep TMS Case Study – 59-Year-Old Female Presenting with Severe Depression and Moderate Anxiety.

April, 2016 – TMS Center of Colorado

A 59-year-old female was referred to TMS Center of Colorado by her psychiatrist. She presented with severe depression and moderate anxiety, reported strong suicidal ideation, excessive crying and feelings of sadness. She had been hospitalized three times for mental health reasons… Read More >>