The Advantages of Deep TMS

(For more in-depth information read the white paper.)

  • Brainsway’s Deep TMS system features the revolutionary H1-coil, developed and patented at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
  • All other TMS devices cleared by the FDA for major depression treatment use a version of the standard figure-8 coil.
  • The H1-coil delivers TMS to deeper and broader prefrontal brain regions, using the same safe stimulation levels as figure-8 coils.
  • Deep TMS is well tolerated, with a dropout rate of just 8% in a multicenter trial (Levkovitz et al. 2015).

Advantage 1: Greater Activation of Prefrontal Depression Targets

The deeper and broader field produced by the H1-coil stimulates a larger volume of cortical gray matter in prefrontal depression targets. The depth penetration advantage of the H1-coil has been confirmed by different published studies using different measurement methods (Click on the “Delve Into the Science” button below , and see Section 2).

Deng1 Guadagnin2 Rosenberg31

Advantage 2: Reliable Targeting

Figure-8 coils produce highly focal stimulation that may miss depression targets in the PFC more than 30% of the time (George et al., Arch Gen Psychiatry 2010;67:507-516; Herwig U, et al. Biol Psychiatry 2001;50:58-61).
The H1-coil activates the relevant target in the PFC every time (Click on the “Delve Into the Science” button below, and see Section 4).

mcenterAdvantage 3: Excellent Efficacy

The clinical results speak for themselves.In a large, multicenter randomized trial, 1 in 3 medication resistant patients treated with Deep TMS achieved remission (Click on the “Delve Into the Science” button, and see Section 5).

Advantage 4: Shorter Treatment Sessions

Brainsway Deep TMS is FDA-cleared for treating depression with shorter sessions and fewer pulses than any other TMS device. This saves time for providers and patients.

For more in-depth information read the white paper.



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