Coronavirus Update

The team at TMS Center of Colorado is committed to continuing treatment for those in the greatest need. In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible, we are not currently starting new cases.

For many people this epidemic is perhaps the most traumatic event of their lifetime. Most of us are resilient and will cope as best as possible; however, for those with significant depressive or OCD illnesses over time this trauma may cause recurrence of potentially severe and/or life threatening symptoms of depression or OCD.

Patients with moderate or severe illness who have previously responded to TMS have a higher than usual risk for a recurrence, especially as the social distancing continues indefinitely.

Our team is here to talk with you on the phone to offer treatment options available now. We will be doing psychiatric assessments as needed during this time and are keeping our systems in top shape. As movement restrictions are lifted our clinic will be ready to function quickly in order to offer TMS therapy to our current and former patients as well as others who are suffering.