Debunking Common Misconceptions About Depression

Major Depressive Disorder, commonly referred to as depression, affects approximately 17.3 million American adults every year.

Depression is NOT all in your head.
Depression is a serious psychological, social, and biological disorder. People who experience depression can feel physically sick due to the connection between the body and mind. Just like with other illnesses, treating depression takes time and effort. If left untreated, depression can significantly disrupt your daily life. Therefore, you should take depression seriously.

Depression is NOT a normal part of life.
Some people think that depression is a normal part of life and that they should deal with it on their own. Depression does not have to be a normal part of life, and you should pursue the treatment you need. At TMS Center of Colorado, our physicians work to treat patients with depression every day. We want to help improve your quality of life.

Depression does NOT look and feel the same for everyone.
Although depression is a relatively common mental illness, it is different for each person. One person’s experience with depression might look completely different from another person’s. Your physician at TMS Center of Colorado will meet with you to determine the best individualized treatment option for your condition. We will monitor your symptoms and adjust treatment along the way if necessary.

Depression is a NOT sign of weakness.
Society often views depression as a sign of weakness, but depression can impact anyone. It has nothing to do with your strength or capabilities. If you have depression, seeking treatment for depression is a sign of strength. Don’t manage your depression alone; research all of your treatment options, and pursue a higher quality of life.

Antidepressants are NOT the only depression management option.
Antidepressants are the most common medications for treating depression. However, antidepressants do not work for everyone. They can also lead to unwanted side effects such as weight gain, sleepiness, and dry mouth.

TMS Treatment for Depression is an effective, non-invasive treatment option.
It has been proven effective for patients who are resistant to medication. The standard treatment course usually consists of 5 treatments per week for 6 weeks, but TMS Center of Colorado offers accelerated TMS options as well. Our patients have found significant improvement in their lives after completing TMS treatment, and our doctors are skilled, experienced, and ready to treat. Regardless of your treatment choice, we encourage you to seek adequate help for depression.

Treatment for Depression at TMS Center of Colorado

TMS Center of Colorado offers TMS treatment for depression at our Denver and Lakewood offices. To learn more about TMS treatment or schedule your appointment, please contact TMS Center of Colorado at 303-884-3867 today!




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