Deep TMS treatment vs. Standard TMS treatment

TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) is a safe alternative treatment for depression and anxiety, among other common mental illnesses. The procedure can be done in place of medication or taken along with it. 

There are two different types of treatment, Deep TMS and standard TMS. The two procedures do essentially the same thing: They administer repeated magnetic waves into the parts of the brain that are believed to be directly linked with illnesses such as OCD and depression. According to, standard TMS treatment, using a figure-8 coil, reaches 0.7 centimeters into a patient’s brain. Deep TMS, however, reaches a depth of 3.2 centimeters, almost 5 times more powerful than the standard treatment. Deep TMS is also described as reaching broader areas of the brain. 

The effectiveness of these treatments is different as well. A study published in 2019 by the Journal of Psychiatric Research concluded that “patients with moderate-to-severe baseline depression achieved significantly higher response rates when treated with Deep TMS and medication, as opposed to standard rTMS and medication, or medication alone.” Deep TMS is proven to be more effective for patients due to its ability to reach more parts of the brain. The exact location of parts of the brain can differ from patient to patient, Deep TMS eliminates this concern because of its ability to reach wider parts of the brain. 

Another great thing about Deep TMS that is different from Standard rTMS is that, at the moment, it is the only TMS treatment for OCD that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. 

There is no difference in safety between the two procedures. According to, a 2007 study done by Clinical Neurophysiology concluded that “the safety of Deep TMS was compared to both the standard TMS treatment and a sham group. The results showed that just like the sham and standard TMS groups, Deep TMS is well tolerated, with no adverse physical or neurological outcomes.” There were no severe side effects found when doing these treatments.

Deep TMS is just as safe as any other TMS procedure, while proving to be more effective. Deep TMS may be the right treatment for you. TMS Center of Colorado can provide you with this safe and successful procedure, giving you an alternative way to help with your struggles.

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