Case Studies & Clinical Validation

These case studies represent actual clinical results about the effectiveness of deep TMS treatments. Each case study demonstrates the condition of the patient, medications taken and assessment scores before and after treatment with deep TMS.

Case Studies

22-Year-Old Suicidal Male Experiences Remission with dTMS & Full Remission of Treatment-Resistant Depression

November, 2019

Peter had been depressed since his earliest childhood memories. He vividly recalled hanging upside down from the jungle gym because he heard that it would make him fall asleep and never wake up.

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22-Year-Old Male with Treatment-Resistant Depression Experiences Remission with Deep TMS

December, 2017

Tom was first diagnosed with depression at the age of 8, and reported being depressed most of the time since age 12 or 13. Prominent symptoms included poor appetite, anhedonia, social isolation, low energy and inability to concentrate.

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A Family’s Last Hope: A case study of a 22 year old female

August, 2017

A 22-year-old female, was referred to TMS Center of Colorado for treatment of severe depression and anxiety by another doctor. At the time the referral was made, she was unable to attend college, had strong suicidal thoughts and was hospitalized three times in 12 months for symptoms of depression.

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Deep TMS Case Study: 59-Year-Old Female Presenting with Severe Depression and Moderate Anxiety.

April, 2016

A 59-year-old female was referred to TMS Center of Colorado by her psychiatrist. She presented with severe depression and moderate anxiety, reported strong suicidal ideation, excessive crying and feelings of sadness. She had been hospitalized three times for mental health reasons.

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