Smoking Cessation Study

The TMS Center of Colorado is excited to announce our participation in a multicenter clinical trial to evaluate the use of Deep TMS for smoking cessation. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the world, and tobacco use causes more than five million deaths per year worldwide. Accordingly, new treatments for tobacco addiction are essential to help curtail the public health burden that tobacco use represents.

At the TMS Center of Colorado, we believe that helping individuals quit smoking is an important goal, and we are enthusiastic about the chance to contribute to such critical research. We are now recruiting chronic, heavy cigarette smokers who want to quit smoking. Participants will be randomly assigned to receive either active Deep TMS treatment or an inactive, “sham” treatment. In 2009, a preliminary study conducted at Beer Yaakov Mental Health Center demonstrated a significant beneficial effect of Deep TMS on smoking cessation. Given these promising results, we are eager to continue this line of research.

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