Accelerated TMS

TMS Center of Colorado is among the first to offer Accelerated TMS in Colorado.

Accelerated TMS is a more intense TMS treatment that increases treatment sessions per day but treats depression in one week.

The standard TMS treatment protocol for depression is 2,340 pulsed stimulations per treatment session. An average treatment course is 30 sessions, one per day, 5 treatments per week over six weeks, providing slightly more than 60,000 stimulations. Each treatment lasts 20 to 40 minutes. This protocol has proven effective for many patients and is widely accepted as the standard of care.

TMS Center of Colorado offers a FREE phone consult to discuss Accelerated TMS treatment for quick depression relief by calling 303-565-5643.

Recently, a more assertive treatment protocol for depression was developed and tested at Stanford University. It included 1,800 stimulations per treatment, but with 10 treatment sessions per day over a total of 5 days. This protocol has been highly effective, resulting in a 90 percent response/remission rate. The 90 percent remission rate of depression in this study is the highest ever achieved with TMS.

The protocol has now been used off-label clinically in hundreds of patients with good results and no safety concerns. TMS Center of Colorado has used this protocol with a number of patients in our Denver office with very good results. We have also found that an amended protocol, delivered over 2 weeks with 5 treatments per day instead of 10, is equally as effective but more easily tolerated by patients.

Accelerated TMS advantages include:

  • Remission from difficult-to-treat depression can now be achieved within one to two weeks versus four to eight weeks previously required
  • Results suggest that this approach may actually be more effective than standard TMS

To learn more and receive a FREE phone consultation, please call 303-565-5643.

There are many factors to consider when evaluating TMS therapy, and Accelerated TMS may not be right for everyone. As always, patients need to consult with their psychiatrist to determine what is best for their unique situation.

Patient benefitting from Accelerated TMS | TMS Center of Colorado
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To learn more:
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