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Feel Like Yourself Again with Deep TMS Treatment

Has depression or OCD taken the quality from your life?

Whether you are presently treating your depression or OCD, with or without the aid of medication and psychotherapy, we know you will agree that you don’t feel normal. You may not even know what “normal” feels like anymore.

Millions of people like you suffer with depression or OCD, and many are not effectively treated with medication. Depression can be costly; loss of time with family, loss of days at work, medication costs and more. Medication is less effective at treating OCD. What’s more, medications often come with significant and potentially dangerous side effects.

Every year more and more people like you are finding help through Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy, and without side effects such as weight gain, cognitive impairment, decreased libido, movement disorders, sedation, tardive dyskinesia and others.

TMS Center of Colorado offers a safe and healthy FDA cleared Deep TMS treatment for depression and/or OCD at our Denver and Lakewood offices. If you are struggling with controlling your depression or OCD, or if your medication is ineffective, we urge you to schedule your FREE phone consultation to learn more about how Deep TMS Therapy can help to get your illness into remission and your life back.

Call 303-884-3867 for your FREE phone consultation about Deep TMS Treatment.

TMS is a safe, effective and healthy alternative to medication

You deserve to feel like yourself again!

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